AUTHORICOAT is a step by step process that was developed over the past 20 years by our coatings technicians to reduce, as much as possible, the human error and guesswork in the coatings application process to achieve a superior quality finish every time.


The AUTHORICOAT process is always evolving as new techniques and products enter the market. The Coatings Authority remains the industry leader in training and education and ensures training for all our coatings technicians in the AUTHORICOAT process.


AUTHORICOAT is utilized for all projects including painting, staining, spraying, concrete coatings, and surface preparation. The AUTHORICOAT process is the standard way we practice, finding the best solution to the individual project to achieve a superior quality finish every time.


Step One

The customer project is evaluated to determine the scope of the project and the individual components required to implement the AUTHORICOAT process.


Step Two

Products are selected to meet the individual project specifications with consideration of the required durability along with the aesthetic value of the finish.


Step Three

The coatings technicians establish a step by step plan of action from prep work to applying the final finish based on the needs of the project.


Step Four

Customers receive education on the project, finishes, care of the final finishes and what the step by step project will involve.


Step Five

The rest is a trade secret!

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