Inside the Shop

We are taking you inside our shop with today’s post - showing you where we are applying our coatings when we aren’t on-site! While we are certainly outgrowing this space, we have developed clever organizational systems that help us keep things sorted and allow us to work on multiple projects at once. The shop houses our spray booth, and our mixing station where we create the custom paint blends that make our AUTHORICOAT process so successful. As you can see in these photos, we are in the process of refinishing cabinetry for a project we are completing for The Home Authority, and all of the doors and drawers are brought here to be prepped and painted. Interested in learning more about the AUTHORICOAT process? Click here!

Style AND Safety

Winter brings plenty of wonderful things to our region - beautiful snowfall, holiday traditions, and more time with family...just to name a few! But with all of that winter wonderland magic comes slippery conditions that can spell trouble if you are not prepared. One place you don’t often consider being a potential hazard is your garage...but the floors in this space can be particularly slip-prone with snow covered boots and puddles from ice and snow melting off your vehicles. This is where a quality concrete coating can save the day!

Did you know that a properly applied floor coating can actually help prevent slipping? Thanks to our over two decades experience applying custom coatings to our area’s garage floors, we know what products work best for our climate, and are able to provide peace of mind when considering the potential pitfalls a slippery surface can entail. Not only do our products look fantastic year round, their function really shines during our ice and snow filled winters. Let us provide a garage floor that checks all of your boxes this season!

Detailing the AUTHORICOAT Difference


We talk a lot about our proprietary AUTHORICOAT process. We reference it on our facebook page, throughout our website, and in talking to our clients. But what exactly does AUTHORICAOT do? Why is it such a substantial benefit for your coatings projects, and how does it make The Coatings Authority unique? Our AUTHORICOAT process sets us apart in three distinct ways:

  1. Surface Preparation

    • Think about a brand new surface that is being painted - whether it be a wall or a cabinet or a floor. Without years of wear and tear, grease and grime, etc. - the paint goes on smooth thanks to the natural surface. When refinishing a cabinet, repainting a wall, or applying a concrete coating over a well loved garage floor, the surface is in no condition to accept the coating in a way that will look like new, or stand up to the test of time. We know that a properly prepped surface is key to getting you a factory-like finish, which is why we take the time to bring things back to the bare bones with methods we have time-tested over 22 years.

    • Because every space is different, the condition of the surfaces are different. That is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all surface prep system. We assess each unique surface and address any issues on a project by project basis. For example, if there are grease splatters on kitchen cabinets, we will use appropriate cleaning products coupled with sanding to ensure the surface is properly cleaned. A key to a successful coating is that the paint/stain.etc. penetrates the surface vs sealing in previous issues (like grease splatters).

  2. Coatings Products

    • We do not simply go to the store, pick out the right color of paint or stain, bring that bucket back to the shop or job site, and put that directly on the surface. We create custom blends by mixing various products together, ensuring a smooth and optimal finish. Through our decades of experience, we have figured out what custom paint blends move through our sprayers the smoothest, and coat the surfaces in a way that creates a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

  3. Edging and Clean Lines

    • Our taping process consists of multiple steps, regardless of the surface we are painting, and is unique in that we actually spray past the tape and onto the surrounding wall. For example - when we paint kitchen cabinet boxes on site, we paint the walls around the edges. We then use touch up paint on the walls to (of course) cover the overspray from the cabinet, and then cut the tape edge and remove it. The result is an almost unbelievable straight edge, with no tape marks or uneven lines. It truly gives you the look that your space is new again!

P.R.O.F.I.T. Educational Series

List (1).png

The motivations behind making changes in your home - from painting walls to gutting a kitchen - can vary significantly. Sometimes the change is something you have lived with for years, and are finally able to tackle. Other instances involve a new-to-you home that you want to make your own. And many times making updates has to do with needing to prepare your home to sell. No matter the motivation, there is an overarching goal that applies to every home project, and that is a positive Return on Investment.

Obtaining a positive ROI is certainly not guaranteed - and there are plenty of stories out there of homeowners who poured money into a remodel and did not get what they wanted out of it. Ensuring that you not only love your space, but benefit financially from it, is something that our sister company, The Home Authority, is currently focusing on through an educational series titled “P.R.O.F.I.T. - Plan Remodel Outcomes From Investment Together”. Through blog posts and a video series with local experts, P.R.O.F.I.T. aims to shed light on the complexities of remodeling ROI and provides tips and insight into making calculated remodel decisions that can benefit you both financially and aesthetically.

Click the links below to see the series progress both on facebook and The Home Authority’s blog. The information is not exclusive to full-scale remodels, and can absolutely be applied to projects like wall painting, cabinet refinishing, and floor coatings. Make sure to check it out!

More than a Coating


It can be difficult to understand the complexities involved in applying a custom coating. In fact, the preparation before any paint is even brought onsite is incredibly extensive. We go the extra mile to create an environment that allows for our proprietary application process, AUTHORICOAT, to be applied successfully. This prep work also preserves the quality of the surroundings, and gives you peace of mind that not only will your cabinets/railing/walls/etc. be coated seamlessly, but the rest of the room will be properly protected.

The coating itself is only one part of the process. We also prep the surface that the coating will be applied to, ensuring that the coating will adhere properly and actually last. We want our projects to look fantastic months and years later - and we firmly believe in providing something that not only looks good, but is actually functional. By making the extra effort up front, we are able to give you something with true quality. Head over to our facebook page to find videos of the mobile spray booths we create on site for everything from kitchen cabinets to railings. As you will see, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to providing you an exemplary product!

Giving You Confidence


We recently wrapped up a project with our sister company, The Home Authority, and completed all of the coatings for a family’s whole-home remodel. Projects of this scale are incredibly exciting, but it can be difficult as the homeowner to puzzle out what colors would look best where, what shade will look best with the flooring choices, etc. etc. Understanding how to make these color decisions is no easy task, and we do everything we can to make these choices as easy as possible.

In the case of our latest project, the homeowners were debating between two different colors for the kitchen cabinets and island. Trying to make a final decision based on two tiny swatches was proving to be impossible, and the homeowners could not come to a choice they felt great about. In order to make things easier, we took two of the old cabinet doors we had removed from the kitchen and applied a coat of both colors to each door. We brought the doors back to the home, and hung them again so the homeowners could get a better feel for the colors in their space. They quickly came to a final choice thanks to this improved visual, and the end result was better than they could have envisioned. Our goal is not just to provide a seamless finish or a beautiful coat of paint, we also want to work with our clients to give them just as much confidence in the process as the end result.

What Custom Means to Us


You hear the word “custom” thrown around a lot from a variety of businesses via many different marketing messages. And it makes perfect sense - it feels good to believe that what you are getting, no matter what it is, is custom to you. Particularly in the realm of homes, from building to furnishing, “custom” is a hot-button word. But what does promising custom actually mean? And how far are businesses willing to go to follow through on such a promise?

For us, saying we offer custom coatings is more than just an attention-getter. We will provide you the coating solutions you desire for your home or office - even if it is something we don’t typically provide. An excellent example of this can be found in a railing we recently completed for a family working with The Home Authority. They envisioned a rich, darker tone for their entryway’s railing - a look that will make a beautiful statement upon entering the home. However, in order to preserve the finish and ensure that the end result was the smooth look we consistently provide, we could not complete the coating in our shop and transport the railing to the house. Instead, we brought our shop directly to the project…packing up all of the necessary tools and applying the paint directly to the railing on-site. This willingness to do whatever it takes to bring a customer’s vision to life is our definition of custom - and something we are thrilled and proud to provide. 

Replacing Cabinet Doors

When considering making changes in your kitchen, it can be easy to forget about the cabinet doors amongst all of the decisions involving colors and countertops. But making a change to the door design can produce an incredibly impactful result. When modernizing your space, replacing a door with a curved design with one that has clean lines can make a huge difference. We believe in working with you to meet not just your vision of the space, but also your budget for it. By only replacing the doors - and keeping the box of the cabinet - we are able to significantly reduce the financial responsibility involved in updating your kitchen.

Because we are able to apply coatings so seamlessly, thanks to our proprietary AUTHORICOAT process, painting the existing cabinet boxes in a kitchen actually makes them look like brand new cabinetry. Add in an updated door design that is coated in the same color with the same beautiful finish, and suddenly it would seem you had gutted your entire room! In reality, The Coatings Authority is able to minimize the time and financial investment thanks to solely providing new doors….while still absolutely transforming your space.

Our Sister Company - The Home Authority, Inc.


We are thrilled to share some exciting news...our sister company has officially launched! The Home Authority Inc. provides a service that has been synonymous with many aspects of what we provide here at The Coatings Authority - home remodeling that delivers unparalleled customer service, while inspiring pride of ownership through the transformation of your home. For the past two decades, we found ourselves more often than not helping our coatings clients with design aspects in their homes, as changing a cabinet color often led to a new countertop or flooring choice, etc. These experiences, and our passion for it, led us to create a separate entity for remodeling projects. The Coatings Authority itself was phase one of our rebranding process, and this remodeling branch is the second phase...allowing us to house the services we provide under their own umbrellas. By working together with The Coatings Authority, we are confident that not only will the design be beautiful, any coatings applications involved will be applied seamlessly, with unbeatable quality. Just as we strive to make your experience with a coatings project an enjoyable one, we apply the same level of customer service to every project completed through The Home Authority. It is our experiences with our clients, people that have truly become a part of our family, that led us to branch out in this way - as working with families to develop rooms that not only function great, but feel incredible, is something we are thrilled to provide. Check out The Home Authority’s website here, and contact us for any and all of your remodeling needs!

Why Surface Preparation?


We talk a lot about surface preparation here at The Coatings Authority. Our team members are extensively trained in surface prep, we promote this aspect of our service on our website, and we are incredibly proud of the lengths we go to in preparing surfaces prior to coating them. But why go through the trouble? What purpose does surface preparation actually serve?

When a concrete floor that needs a custom coating has a crack, it might be easy to say “oh well, the new coating will cover that up”. But hiding a crack with a beautiful coating doesn’t actually solve the problem. Eventually, that crack will reappear, damaging that beautiful coating and distracting from the overall look of the project. By filling in cracks prior to applying a custom coating, and ensuring that the surface is clean and smooth, our coatings are sure to provide lasting quality. When walls have holes or knicks, simply covering them with a coat of paint won’t fill in those damaged areas. By ensuring the paint is applied to a blemish-free wall, that coat will actually transform the space and look like an entirely new surface.

Our philosophy centers around the idea of not just making something look fantastic in the moment, but in creating a coating that will stand up to the test of time. If we are putting in the time and energy to coat a surface, and you are investing in making that transformation, we absolutely believe it should be done right...and proper surface prep is key to achieving this goal.