This Week's Featured Project

One of our latest projects was for a family who has lived in their home for over two decades. The space was well-loved, but after experiencing water damage the family asked us to come in and not only restore their home but update it too. By painting the walls with new colors throughout, we were able to make the rooms feel like new, all with the clean lines and impeccable finish that The Coatings Authority is known for. The homeowners requested that their kitchen cabinet doors be repurposed vs. replaced, so we utilized a new cabinet color and completely transformed the rest of the kitchen. In the living space, we used the same color from the cabinetry for the built-ins and fireplace mantle, effectively carrying the up-to-date feel into this room as well. It is always amazing to see what making targeted changes can do to a space...gutting the entire room is not necessary to achieve a beautifully updated look!