Types of Garage Floor Coatings


Summer is flying by, and we wanted to make sure you were aware of all of your concrete coating options before the time comes to close those garage doors against the blizzards and negative wind chills! The Coatings Authority is your best source for concrete coating applications, and we know exactly how to provide you the very best in both surface prep and coatings selections.

If you like the way your concrete looks, and simply want a surface that is durable enough to withstand constant traffic, while also providing a more finished look, perhaps Concrete Polishing is the answer. If you would prefer a color added to your space via Concrete Staining…we have you covered. Epoxy Coatings can amplify the brightness of a typically darker space - like a basement or garage without many windows. We offer polyurea amd polyaspartic coatings as well, which provide a bit more flexibility than epoxy in terms of temperature and timing. Our Microtoppings provide a clean canvas for your decorative treatments, like a vinyl chip epoxy option - which gives a unique touch. Similarly, a Quartz Epoxy system provides blended color quartz granules to give your space a feel that is custom to you. FasTop, BioFlake, and Saniflex all lend safety features accompanied by aesthetic appeal…making excellent solutions for workplace spaces.  Although there are many options for floor coatings, what we find in our area of the country is the vinyl chip coating that is broadcast into an epoxy base with a polyaspartic topcoat creates the most durable finish for garage floors and provides enough traction in the slippery conditions that can result from rain and snow. Most importantly, The Coatings Authority, Inc. takes pride in our surface preparation techniques that allow us to penetrate the concrete to allow the coatings to adhere properly, we fill all the cracks to ensure a smooth surface-but more importantly, to prevent the coating from lifting or peeling-and we achieve the highest mil thickness of the coatings application to ensure your coating withstands the normal wear and tear of salt, sand, and general usage in the garage. No matter what functional purpose your space serves, or what visual vision you have for it, The Coatings Authority has the options and quality to provide a solution that both looks great and stands up to daily use.