Why Surface Preparation?


We talk a lot about surface preparation here at The Coatings Authority. Our team members are extensively trained in surface prep, we promote this aspect of our service on our website, and we are incredibly proud of the lengths we go to in preparing surfaces prior to coating them. But why go through the trouble? What purpose does surface preparation actually serve?

When a concrete floor that needs a custom coating has a crack, it might be easy to say “oh well, the new coating will cover that up”. But hiding a crack with a beautiful coating doesn’t actually solve the problem. Eventually, that crack will reappear, damaging that beautiful coating and distracting from the overall look of the project. By filling in cracks prior to applying a custom coating, and ensuring that the surface is clean and smooth, our coatings are sure to provide lasting quality. When walls have holes or knicks, simply covering them with a coat of paint won’t fill in those damaged areas. By ensuring the paint is applied to a blemish-free wall, that coat will actually transform the space and look like an entirely new surface.

Our philosophy centers around the idea of not just making something look fantastic in the moment, but in creating a coating that will stand up to the test of time. If we are putting in the time and energy to coat a surface, and you are investing in making that transformation, we absolutely believe it should be done right...and proper surface prep is key to achieving this goal.