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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors


When starting a renovation or refinishing project, one of the first questions is always: What are the best colors to choose? When you work with The Coatings Authority, this does not have to be a limiting factor in the process as we are able to provide you any color you desire. The approach we like to take is to first look at the surrounding finishes such as the countertops, flooring, existing finishes or those that will be replaced, and base the cabinet colors off that. We then select the wall color that will allow everything to flow seamlessly. We even like to consider the ceiling color when we are making final color selections as this can significantly impact how the overall environment feels in your home. Many of our customers who have active lifestyles with their families and lots of kids running around tend to choose a darker cabinet color and trim colors to accommodate some messiness. There really is no one answer when it comes to the color selection, but rest assured, we will help you pick the absolute best colors that will allow you to fall in love with your cabinets and woodwork again!

AUTHORICOAT - Our Proprietary Coatings Process


What is so different about the AUTHORICOAT process and the finish you will achieve when you choose us for your painting needs? It’s always interesting, and actually a little scary, for us to watch DIY Network and HGTV because homeowners and designers have great concepts and ideas, but never do we see someone actually finishing cabinets or simply painting anything the way that it should be done to achieve a factory-like finish. Sure, it looks great on TV and in pictures, but you have to remember that you will actually be looking at and living with the finish for many years to come. Unfortunately, the way most people paint does not create a smooth, seamless, and lasting professional finish.

Over the past 21 years, our coatings technicians have perfected a proprietary process that we have now named, AUTHORICOAT. It’s essentially the proper way to prep and apply coatings for any application, from the floors to the ceilings, to achieve a long-lasting and beautiful finish for years to come. To be honest, it is literally almost backwards from what you would see on TV and it kind of confuses our customers and even our contractors when we first start working through the process. We walk you through the steps and warn you about what you will expect to see so you are prepared for the process.

If you have the opportunity to walk through the Home Builder’s Association Parade of Homes, you will see a wide variety of finishes and essentially, you get to decide what level of quality and how fussy you are about the details. For example, homeowners and most contractors will still hand paint, or brush, the paint on the cabinets, woodwork, and doors. In this type of finish, you will see brush marks and streaks and the paint will not lay down smooth. This is not how the AUTHORICOAT process is performed. With regard to cabinets, we use a multi-step process to clean, sand, prime, and then spray the final finish coats. The base cabinets are sprayed on site, but the doors/drawers are brought back to our shop and sprayed in our spray booth. You will not see brush marks, streaks, or sags in our finish, and the final product will be smooth, crisp, and clean. When you are investing time and money into a painting project, get it done right the first time so you can enjoy the results for years to come!

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