Why trust The Coatings Authority to add a concrete coating to your garage floor?


With the skyrocketing popularity of the DIY movement, and YouTube videos for seemingly everything under the sun, finishing your own garage floor might seem like a great option. If I do it myself, I save money on labor right? While the DIY mindset is awesome for a variety of projects...attempting to tackle concrete coatings on your own can lead to trouble. If you are not using the right materials, and if those materials are not applied just right, you can end up with a surface that will be susceptible to cracking and damage - not exactly a great fit for a garage space!

When you work with The Coatings Authority, we are able to offer you an incredible variety of options that you simply cannot find at the local hardware store. We prep the existing concrete  surface properly to ensure optimal penetration of the coatings into the concrete, and we provide a seamless floor to avoid any water issues which can cause the finishes to lift or pop if not prepped and sealed correctly. Because we have over 20 years of experience with applying concrete coatings, you can trust that the end result will be both aesthetically appealing and have lasting quality.

Another fantastic benefit of working with us for your garage’s concrete coating is the use of a trailer to store all of the stuff in your garage. We will drop one of our trailers right at your house, giving you a place to store the wide variety of items that are housed in your garage! Trying to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible is something we strive for no matter what service we provide, and this is just one example of how we accomplish this. If you are considering revamping your garage with a unique and durable concrete coating, make sure to give us a call and let us show you what we can accomplish for you!

AUTHORICOAT - Our Proprietary Coatings Process


What is so different about the AUTHORICOAT process and the finish you will achieve when you choose us for your painting needs? It’s always interesting, and actually a little scary, for us to watch DIY Network and HGTV because homeowners and designers have great concepts and ideas, but never do we see someone actually finishing cabinets or simply painting anything the way that it should be done to achieve a factory-like finish. Sure, it looks great on TV and in pictures, but you have to remember that you will actually be looking at and living with the finish for many years to come. Unfortunately, the way most people paint does not create a smooth, seamless, and lasting professional finish.

Over the past 21 years, our coatings technicians have perfected a proprietary process that we have now named, AUTHORICOAT. It’s essentially the proper way to prep and apply coatings for any application, from the floors to the ceilings, to achieve a long-lasting and beautiful finish for years to come. To be honest, it is literally almost backwards from what you would see on TV and it kind of confuses our customers and even our contractors when we first start working through the process. We walk you through the steps and warn you about what you will expect to see so you are prepared for the process.

If you have the opportunity to walk through the Home Builder’s Association Parade of Homes, you will see a wide variety of finishes and essentially, you get to decide what level of quality and how fussy you are about the details. For example, homeowners and most contractors will still hand paint, or brush, the paint on the cabinets, woodwork, and doors. In this type of finish, you will see brush marks and streaks and the paint will not lay down smooth. This is not how the AUTHORICOAT process is performed. With regard to cabinets, we use a multi-step process to clean, sand, prime, and then spray the final finish coats. The base cabinets are sprayed on site, but the doors/drawers are brought back to our shop and sprayed in our spray booth. You will not see brush marks, streaks, or sags in our finish, and the final product will be smooth, crisp, and clean. When you are investing time and money into a painting project, get it done right the first time so you can enjoy the results for years to come!