You won't find a standard set of kitchen cabinet paint color options here...we want your space to be truly unique to you! That's why we work with the highest quality paints to bring you the best variety of color choices to ensure your space is everything you've dreamed of.  


your kitchen shouldn't look just like your neighbor's. we provide color options that allow your kitchen to be uniquely you.

Not sure where to start with picking a color? Are you wanting to find something that will tie your cabinets in to an existing design, or would you like to give your entire space a refresh? We have the design experience to guide you through the process of making sure your color choices are both functional and cohesive, creating a space that you can be proud of. Our AUTHORICOAT application process ensures that no matter what color you choose, the finish will be absolutely flawless. 


We use the best products and we are the region's authority in the best application of these products. Contact us today to start the process, and discover the perfect colors to create the kitchen you have been dreaming of! 


Check out our blog for posts on choosing paint colors and how to put together a look that is as beautiful as it is functional!