Ultimate Service Protection Packages

The Coatings Authority has developed the Ultimate Service Protection Packages to help protect your custom coatings applications. You have invested a tremendous amount of time and money to transform your home or business environment, so let us help you protect your investment.

The Ultimate Service Protection Packages were developed as individualized plans to maintain your pride of ownership and preserve the quality of your investment for years to come.

When you select the Ultimate Service Protection Package, we provide a complete inspection of your custom finishes, touch up any areas that may have become damaged in the day to day activities of your active lifestyle, and make any recommendations necessary to preserve the quality of your investment.

There is no need to hassle with trying to match up your colors and risk damaging the finish of the original project when we can help you avoid the frustration and allow you to spend the time doing what you love to do.

Our Service Commitment:

  • Conveniently scheduled appointments
  • Inspection of all custom finishes
  • Touch up as applicable to damaged areas
  • Inspection report & recommendations

Customer Choice & Individualized Service:

Because your project is unique and a reflection of you, we will work with you to customize the perfect service protection package to exceed your expectations.

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